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The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureaus investigating death
The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the death of Kyam Livingston in Brooklyn Central Booking Jail. Inmates’ pleas for help were ignored for hours as Livingston complained of stomach pains and diarrhea, according to witnesses.Kyam Livingston died in a cell at the Central Booking Jail in Brooklyn. A 37-year-old woman died in a crowded cell at the Central Booking Jail in Brooklyn as inmates’ pleas for help were ignored for hours by cops, a witness told the Daily News Monday.Fellow inmate Aleah Holland, 38, a registered nurse, told The News that Livingston died needlessly. Police at Central Booking ignored her complaints of stomach pains and diarrhea, Holland said. She said that when she and other inmates banged on the bars calling for help, officers told them Livingston was an alcoholic.“They said, ‘Shut up before we lose your paper work and you won’t be seen by a judge,’ ” said Holland, who was jailed on an assault charge stemming from a fight with a roommate.

SPD detective arrested, threatened to ruin ex-lover’s life
Acting on a complaint from a woman, Seattle police arrested Detective David N. Blackmer for allegedly posting salacious photographs of the woman on a phony Facebook page after their relationship ended.

NYPD officer charged for threatening woman
Officer Christopher Harris was suspended without pay for harassing a woman, who reportedly told cops that 'she feared for her safety.' What Harris said to her has not been revealed.

Tallahassee Police Officer Suspended
A Tallahassee police officer has been suspended for illegally accessing his estranged wife's email account.  An internal affairs report indicated he intended to use the emails against her in a divorce and custody case. David McKenna was suspended for one month without pay after an internal investigation revealed he and his girlfriend accessed his wife's work email from a home computer. The internal affairs report indicates there were more than 23-thousand emails and documents downloaded from her email account at the Mag Lab. It also shows McKenna took copies of some of those to his lawyer because, he told investigators, he thought "there would be stuff in there."