The Washington DC Metro system is among the safest in the world but the Fairfax County Police have decided to police the metro lines in Fairfax County despite the fact that Metro already employees 490 officers, 64 special police and 91 civilian personnel to do police the lines.
Fairfax County’s Police chief, another grossly overpaid nameless, faceless guy in a silly suit said “It increases our chances of arresting black people from DC and murdering more unarmed white men, we’re really looking forward to this, mostly because we’ll get away with it”
The chief denied that this is a waste of tax dollars that could be used to build a second beltway or hire more teachers. “We waste money all the time, so there must be a lot of it to waste, right?”

He also denied that there are too many police on the force and not enough for them to do “Firstly, if there are too many cops on the force why are there so many cops on the force? Answer me that. Second firstly, we’re trying to balance out our unarmed kill ratio and this will allow us to murder more black men and maybe even some of those one who don’t talk in no good English, especially the urine colored ones”

Supervisor Gerry “Opps Dearie! Hyland, a big supporter of the police who has stood against oversight said “I just love me a man in a uniform, I’m Gay and there is certainly nothing wrong with that but all I can say is; it let it rain men in uniform!”  

Falsely accused ‘Gentleman Groper’ can sue for false arrest

By Kathianne Boniello
A jury will get to decide the case of a clean-cut bible-thumper who sued the city after he was wrongly arrested for manhandling women.
Eager to solve a spate of gropings in tony neighborhoods, the NYPD zeroed in on Karl Vanderwoude, 28, after receiving an anonymous tip.
When detectives knocked on the door of his Brooklyn apartment in April 2012, Vanderwoude willingly went with them.
Vanderwoude, who bears a striking resemblance to actual “Gentleman Groper” Paul Kraft, was then arrested after a victim picked him out of a lineup.
The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office later dropped the charges when Vanderwoude was able to prove he wasn’t anywhere near the crimes. Kraft was eventually nabbed and confessed.

Plant City police officer resigns in wake of arrest

Plant City police Officer Matthew Combs resigned Tuesday. He was arrested Sunday on a domestic battery charge. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE
By Dave Nicholson
PLANT CITY A veteran police officer has resigned following his Sunday arrest on a domestic violence charge.
Officer Matthew Combs submitted his resignation Tuesday afternoon to acting Police Chief John Borders. Combs had been on administrative leave without pay since his arrest, police Sgt. Tray Towles said.
Combs, 39, was arrested early Sunday by Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies on a charge of domestic violence battery, officials said. He was released from jail Monday without having to post bail, records show.

Combs was originally hired as a Plant City police officer in September 2002. He resigned in January 2004 and was rehired June 2005.

Former THP officer charged with patronizing prostitution near a school zone

Former Tennessee Highway Patrol Sergeant Daniel Threet turned himself in to Nashville's Justice Center on Saturday morning, after being indicted on charges of patronizing prostitution near a school zone.
Threet, of Cookeville, had been the subject of a Metro Police investigation since early February.
Threet, 45, is alleged to have patronized a prostitute who advertised on the Internet on Stainback Avenue on Jan. 31.
Police say Threet drove to Nashville in a state vehicle and dressed in full uniform for the encounter.
Police learned of the incident during the course of another investigation.
Threet resigned from the Tennessee Highway Patrol shortly after being placed on leave as a result of the investigation.
His bond is set at $1,000.

Fair Bluff officer charged with peeping arrested

Donald Brian Beauchaine
A Fair Bluff police officer who was wanted on peeping charges was arrested Monday at the Fayetteville VA Medical Center, according to warrants.
Donald Brian Beauchaine, 38, of the 100 block of White Oak Street in Lake Waccamaw, was charged with 10 counts of secret peeping between April 1 and June 4, arrest warrants said.
All the incidents happened in Beauchaine's home, according to Fair Bluff Police Chief S.A. Hyatt.
Beauchaine is accused of using a cell phone to take pictures of a child in the bathroom "for the purpose of arousing and satisfying his sexual desire," arrest warrants said.
The age of the child was not given.
The warrants were issued earlier this month, but were served on Beauchaine as he was leaving the hospital, according to reports .
Beauchaine was suspended without pay earlier this month.
Bail was set at $15,000.
- Nancy McCleary
The incidents allegedly happened between April 1 and June 4, warrants said.

David Blackmer, cyberstalking cop, paid $83K after arrest

David Blackmer – the former Seattle cop who cyberstalked  his mistress – collected more than $83,000 in a taxpayer-funded salary in the months after his arrest, records obtained by KIRO 7 show.
 That 10-month period includes the time when Blackmer sat in jail, convicted of a gross misdemeanor. He was sentenced to 90 days.
 It was late July 2013 when investigators arrested Blackmer, saying he cyberstalked a woman by creating a Facebook account.
 Blackmer posted photos of himself having sex with the woman – not his wife, but the one who came to came to his house to confront him. The woman told police that she thought Blackmer was following through with verbal threats that he would get back at her and “ruin her life.”
 Blackmer pleaded guilty to felony cyberstalking on Dec. 17 and the following month he was sentenced to 90 days in jail. He did not lose his right to carry a gun.
 In February – a month Blackmer spent in jail – he was paid $7,817, records obtained by KIRO 7 show. Every month until May, Blackmer was paid at least $8,000, according to those records, which were obtained through a public document request.
 In the 10 months from Blackmer’s arrest to when he was fired from the Seattle Police Department, he collected $83,344.27, records obtained by KIRO 7 show.
 That’s at least $30,000 more than the median Seattle household income, according to the most recent data available on the city’s website.
 And Blackmer wants his job back.
 The Seattle Police Department put Blackmer on paid administrative leave while the Office of Professional Accountability investigated his case. By policy, the OPA investigation started after the criminal investigation was completed.
 Blackmer was fired May 5. But Blackmer has said the firing violated his union contract that requires OPA to complete its investigation within 180 days and he’s suing the department.
 In other words, because the city didn’t fire him soon enough Blackmer could get his job back.
 Blackmer did not return multiple calls from KIRO 7.
 Police Officers Guild president Ron Smith said Blackmer is right about the timeline and the guild will represent him in arbitration.

 Contacted Monday to ask about Blackmer’s $83,000 salary and the potential for him to be re-hired as an officer, spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said he had “no official response because this is still an active personnel matter.”